Binary options strategies

Binary Options Strategies Review

In this article we are going to talk about the most common binary options strategies like the binary options 60 seconds or the 5 minutes strategies.

As you already know, in order to obtain high success rates and high yields in binary options, we need to work with a clear strategy (and, of course, we need to have a clear idea about what are binary options and how they work). Why is this necessary? Because if we invest “blindly” and “foolishly” the only thing we will achieve is to lose all the money we invested in the asset we were interested in.


This is why it is fundamentally important to dedicate time every day to practice different investment strategies in binary options until we find one that yields high returns, and that we find comfortable to use.

All these learning process will allow us to invest in binary options in a proper and sustainable way through time.

On the other hand, we can find online tens of information sources about binary options that provide detailed explanations about different strategies that are going to help us a lot and are very useful in your quest to develop the technique that will be the best fit for our particular profile and needs

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Test your strategies by using a demo account

There is an intesting option what we can use before starting to invest in the market, which is to sign up for a binary options broker that allows you to create a demo account so you can practice with fake money before jumping into the real world. This account will allow us to operate in a simulated environment within the broker platform that models 100% of the investment platform (including assets, tools, operation types, etc.)

This is a very important tool and is a part of the learning process that every trader should undergo before operating with real money, because both risks (and potential profits) are very high.

Furthermore, this demo account usually includes a series of resources that brokers provide for their users: binary options tutorials, tricks to increase your yield, investment advice, free packs of binary signals, videos, etc.

The only obstacle is that many brokers will require you to make a minimum investment to give you access to a demo account. This could become an obstacle for users who are only interested in starting to learn about binary options but are not willing to make any deposits until they feel it 100% prepared to invest.

The Best Strategies For binary Options

What is the best strategy for trading binary options? There is no one simple and so this question, but today we’re going to explain a few techniques with a high success rate that will surely be useful to many of you.

Binary options 60 seconds Strategy

One of the easiest and most widely known strategies is the binary options 60 seconds strategy. What is this technique about? It is about making transactions within one minute.


In order to operate with this trading strategy we only need several graphs of the assets were interested in and compare data to check if there aren’t similar daily tendencies. Then we compare with the graph of the present day in order to infer any patterns that we can use to invest within a 60-second, which is the minimum time of operation for many binary option portals.

binary options 60 seconds

Now, is this binary options 60 seconds strategy really effective? As we have already told you, that will depend on every individual’s modus operandi and their personal preferences. There are several comments and opinions about binary options and the different strategies for investing in them, but as a general rule, users work very well with it because it usually yields high returns.

In the case of people starting in the binary options world, this is a perfect strategy because it does not require a lot of knowledge about recognizing trends, reading charts or using tools. Furthermore, the risk is almost minimum, a 60 seconds is too brief a period of time for foreign assets for particular assets trend to shift.

5-Minute Strategy

Another strategy that is based on time 5-minute binary options strategy, with its two variations. The first one uses simple charts, and it requires comparing charts several days of the same asset, in order to find a connection between the different behaviors of it through the days.

The goal is to find a point where we are sure that for five minutes the asked will go up or down so we can accurately predict the tendency for the asset we want to invest in at the time when we will begin the transaction.

On the other hand, there is a variation of this technique that uses candlestick charts, where we will have to find the key points. To put it in another way, when the asset makes a radical shift from one extreme to the other, we choose the moment when it goes suddenly up or down and we seize the moment when it usually shows a radical shift so we can make our prediction for the following five minutes.

As you can see, the strategy requires preparation. But it is a good option if you like to operate with time-based strategies. In fact, it becomes the best strategy for binary options because it allows us to have better knowledge about the asset.

But if you are one of those traders who prefer more elaborate strategies with less unexpected events, you will need to use one of the secret binary options strategies. 

How does this highly profitable technique work?

It is quite simple. This technique is based on the oscillators strategy, with a few added changes or “improvements” to make it more stable and reliable. In order to understand the secret technique will first need to comment on oscillators, which are based on the principle of searching for divergences: a difference betweent he oscillator and the price.

This strategy works with a single oscillator, which was useful but eventually did not yield as good a result as it seemed. The main objection was that using a single oscillator it wouldn’t be able to predict a sudden change in divergence. However, after a long testing period, traders realized that it was in fact useful to use a single oscillator.

But, why not use two?

This question was the foundation of the secret strategy, that employs two oscillators. This helps to constrain the exchange margin of the asset and multiply the chances of making an accurate prediction, which will increase our profits.

This is one of the most used techniques. It is easy to find lots of tutorials to practice and install the necessary software to use this strategy.

An almost-infallible strategy

binary options 60 seconds 


If you are looking for the best binary options strategy there is one that is almost infallible. If you are wondering which binary options strategy is so effective, we will tell you right now: it is the strategy that you create for yourself.

As you may already guess, developing your own strategy requires time and dedication, but also to assume losses so we can learn where it fails and improve it. If you want to check a strategy for effectiveness, you can always use a demo account, as we previously mentioned.

It might not generate any profits, but you have the benefit of not losing any money during the testing phase when you are checking its effectiveness.

So, if you are looking for the best way to earn money with binary options…

 do not hesitate to put all you know into practice, to use all your experience, and combine it with some confidence. As we mentioned before, attitude plays a very important role in investing.

Once you have developed the strategy that matches your style and your way of investing, you need to test it, either with real money or in a demo account. One important thing to consider is that a proper test should be conducted for at least six months to properly assess its real effectiveness.

This isn’t just about being in observation, you also need a log or a record book where you can see clearly the inflows and outflows of money that result from this strategy to properly check if it actually provides high returns or if it needs changes to become truly effective.

If the technique doesn’t work, it will have to be discarded and begin developing another strategy from scratch, so we can develop a truly effective technique that full-fills all expectations and we can trust.

As the saying goes, if you want to do things in the proper way, you’d better do them yourself. If there are so many moments in life where we put this saying in practice, then why not do it also in creating the best binary options strategy for ourselves?