Lionexo Review 2017 Is lionexo a Scam?

Lionexo is fairly new to the binary options industry, but they have already made quite a name for themselves. Thanks to their superb technology, asset selection, professional service team and customer support they provide all what the user needs. The brokerage has researched the best instruments for every type of trader, and the platform gives traders the opportunity to profit from commodities, indices, stocks, and currencies. The company sets itself apart by focusing on trader education, with a toolkit consisting of e-books, video guides, and live webinars.

Trading methods

Even though the doubts of many, the investments in binary options is growing and each time more ways of trading come out of hiding. It is worth to get to know them to find the more adequate for every trading profile.

Basic Trading

Lionexo keeps things simple by concentrating on the most popular trading methods and asset types. Traditional high/low trading is usually the entry-level method, which is a favorite of both newbies and veteran traders. The high/low system is extremely simple, and involves choosing an asset, a price direction, and an expiry time. If you get the price direction correct, you receive a predetermined payout at the end of the expiry period.

Hyper trading

Hyper trading can lead to high profits in just a few minutes. These options are traded in similar way as high/low options. However the time frames range from a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 10 minutes. Short term traders can benefit greatly from market volatility.

Advanced Trading:

One touch trading

One touch trading is slightly more complicated. You are given a specific price, and you need to determine if the asset price will reach that estimate at some point before the expiry period. This is more difficult than just predicting a general direction, but it doesn’t matter if the price finishes the expiry at the set price. If the asset price touches the target price at any time during the period in which the trade was open, the trade will be considered successful.An example is a one-touch operation with a very distant target price.

Usually, in order to get the big payouts on these, you have to go with the option of reaching more difficult. For this example, you would have to select yes, that the distant target price will be reached. These have higher rates of return.

Range Trading

This trading method offers additional benefits, along with an increased level of difficulty. Traders need to assess whether the desired asset’s price will stay within given price range, or if it will go outside the upper or lower boundaries of the range at any time during the trade. For an additional opportunity to profit, investors can also predict whether the price will end inside or outside of the range when the option expires, regardless of whether the price was continuously within the range or not.

Social Trading

In keeping with their forward thinking approach to binary options, Lionexo has already embraced the latest trend in the industry: social trading. Clients are presented with a list of the most successful traders working with the brokerage. You can choose to follow a trader based on their win rate, profitability, number of copiers, or by a performance score assigned by an internal rating system. After choosing a trader to copy, any orders that he places will also be placed on your account. This will be in proportion to the balances of the two accounts.

Now what?

Now, you know the three type of investments in binary options and how they can operate. The next thing is to know which one is best for you. This will be something different for each person. First, you need to see where your experience is. Are you an ex currency trader looking for way to increment the payouts with a new strategy? If this is the case, your experience in the forex market is totally transferable to the binary options market.

Or maybe you’re an ex-businessman looking at how to ease some of your risk. If this is true, investments in binary options can certainly help and you will want to start with a focus on the values that are most familiar to you.

Profitability of Binary Options

Besides the speed in which binary options move and how much can be made in such short time, there are other benefits that without a doubt are worth noting:

  • Short Term Contracts: Being short term contracts (like 60 seconds, while others can last up to 3 months). This gives you several investments opportunities and the flexibility to stand up against the changing market conditions.

  • Win up to the double: depending on the strategies used, the binary options leave a considerable sum of profit for the trader, so if you want to live out of binary options, don’t forget that.

  • One of the greatest advantages of the Binary Options is the speed on which the trade is made, therefore you have the chance to win and keep winning in a short amount of time.


Educational Toolkit

Lionexo has the most inclusive list of tools available for investors looking to expand their skill set. On the platform alone, there are several important educational features that make trading easier.


Platform Tools:

Event calendar

It provides company anouncements and programed events that will help determine wich will be the status of an asset. This is a very useful tool which helps clients prepare for the market.

Sentiment Indicator

There is also a sentiment indicator for each asset and trading method combination. The indicator tells how other traders are placing their orders, so you can tell whether you are going with or against the crowd.

Lionexo Academy


Outside of the platform, Lionexo offers e-books, video courses, and live training sessions.  This way the new traders can learn all about best practices at their own pace. The material is structured to be of interest for investors at every experience level. In addition, each client is assigned an individual Account Manager who works hard to help people develop into financial experts.


Deposits and Withdrawals in Lionexo


The brokerage has several different deposit options, including credit card, debit card, and direct bank transfer. In order to reduce the costs associated with money transfers, clients are able to open accounts and send in funds in multiple currencies, such as USD, EUR, CAD, and GBP. The minimum deposit is 250 units of the base currency of the account.



Withdrawals are quick and painless, with a processing time that averages two business days. The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 units of the base currency, and the funds are generally available within 3-5 business days after processing.

Customer Service

Lionexo has selected a world class customer support team. Representatives are available around the clock during trading hours, from Sunday at 5pm Eastern until Friday at 5pm Eastern. From the application process, through account verification, and beyond, the staff places a priority on providing clear answers to every question, and processing requests as quickly as possible.

Advantages and Benefits of  trading Binary Options with Lionexo

Binary options have many advantages over traditional options and in fact more than traditional currency, commodities and stock trading. If you still do not know what the binary options are read this before.

The benefits of the Binary Options stand out because they ease the commercialization of a wide variety of assets through multiple markets with high rewards and less risk in a short-term compared to other types of trade.

There are many benefits that can get out of this investment system.  With the pass of time and the proper use of the strategies , the investors get to become millionaires.

Easy Start: Starting in this world is very easy, you just have to pick a broker or brokers, make a deposit and start trading. It is highly recommended to use the demo system of the broker so you can try your trading strategy.Is worth commenting that experienced traders used a tested trading strategy. They follow the strings of information and events that can have an effect to the price of the chosen asset.

It is very important to check a economic event calendar provided by Lionexo to see if there are announcements or programmed events that could influence the asset price.

Simple and Easy Trading:

Trading binary options with the Lionexo platform is easy because you only need to predict the direction the asset price will have, the expiration time can be very short and make the result easier to predict. In that case, the benefits of Binary Options will come quicker.

Controlled Risk:

In comparison to other forms of trading, the potential gains and losses are known upfront. You cant lose more than you original trade investment. There is different strategies you can use to have a 80% win chance and minimise even more the loss.

High Yields and Quick Returns:

Another benefit is that payments from Lionexo are generally higher than other Broker platforms. The payout  usually ranges from 75-85% for standard options. Also, the expiration dates are short offering 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour and the end of the day. With this you will know quickly how you are going to make your investment and when you are going to see the outcome of the transaction.



 Although after many years, investments in binary options is still not reliable enough for many people. A significant number of traders joins each day to the different types of investments and platforms for these. Of course these last alternatives are also growing. Lionexo stands out like one of the best brokers of the new generation. This is because it offers a platform that uses the latest technology, complete selection of trading tools and a formidable 24/7 support.

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