Stern Options

Stern Options sets the standard for binary options trading. The brokerage offers a wide range of instruments to clients, including the most popular assets for traders working with stocks, indices, commodities, and forex.

Investors can work with a team of financial services professionals who care about creating a supportive environment. Account Managers work to give clients the best chance for success through an intuitive platform, comprehensive educational tools, and a responsive customer support team.

Stern options

What does Stern Options offer to its users ?


Latest Trading Technology

Stern Options makes use of an intuitive web-based trading system. This allows users to focus on picking the best assets without spending time downloading software or hunting for how to place orders. Each combination of asset type and trading method displays payout and expiry time information clearly. And the brokerage’s developers have built a mobile application. This allows you to trade on the go, with the same great advantages available on the desktop platform. Recently, the company added social trading, which allows traders to base their orders on the portfolios of other successful investors.

One-on-one Personalized Service

Stern Options resulted from years of research by a team of financial services experts. These experts who want every binary options traders to benefit from honest service providers. The company hires experienced traders to work with clients. Each trader is assigned a dedicated representative from the moment his account is activated.

The Account Manager

The client’s Account Manager is the point of contact, and is responsible for walking the client through the platform. The representative also helps clients come up with a trading strategy, based on each individual’s investment background and tolerance for risk.

Account Managers also make sure that clients are on top of the events mentioned in the brokerage’s wide-ranging investment calendar. Each economic event that is likely to impact the market is included, and sorted by importance. Working with the calendar, investors can track important news and set trading reminders so as not to miss any opportunities.

Top Notch Customer Service

Stern Options has gathered together customer service representatives. These representatives take pride in their work, and are happy to provide excellent support.

From the beginning of the application process, through any questions regarding trading of the platform, and until the completion of any withdrawal requests, someone is always available 24 hours per day during active trading via phone, chat, or email. The company staffs a number of offices and provides service in several foreign languages. This helps to make the trading experience as smooth as possible.

Complete Educational Package

Stern options

Account Managers

aren’t the only way that the brokerage’s clients can knowledge about binary options trading. The company has created a set of e-books, video courses, and webinars. They are meant to provide helpful information to every investor, whether they are just starting out, or if they have are pros with years of experience.

VIP signals

The broker will provide us with Weekly wining signals to get the most success out of our accounts. Remember that following VIP signals doesn’t give us a 100% win chance but it helps to rise the chances of wining trades. The Vip signals will help you win 8 out of 10 trades.

The Trading Academy’s e-books and video courses

These E-books cover a wide variety of topics, including basic concepts, optimal trader behavior, and market analysis. The video courses allow traders to study at their own pace. Platform tutorials let traders get comfortable in a low intensity setting, while introductory and advanced videos cover strategies and economic fundamentals.

One of the key differences of the Stern Options brokerage is its emphasis on hands on learning. In addition to demo accounts where traders can test out new ideas. The company’s analysts cover how to make the most of investment opportunities in a series of live webinars, where traders can follow along in real-time.

Example of a binary option trade:

The three basic steps required to operate

Binary options trading works with three steps, and their outcome can be a fixed amount of money or no money at all.

  • You buy a binary option on the value of a stock and invest a specific amount.

  • When the company reports their earnings, and it is valued above your forecast,

  • You make a return on your fixed binary option.

Binary options trading example

To better understand how binary options work, we can use the following example.

  1. We reach to the forecast that, in a 10-minute time frame, a specific asset will go up in price. We are clear on this based on our market knowledge.

  2. Therefore, we select the currency we will use to invest and the specific amount.

  3. After 10 minutes, we see the result.

  4. If the asset has gone up in price as we forecasted based on our previous study of the situation, we can make a profit of up to 80% (the amount of profit can vary.) Otherwise, if the currency went down instead of up, we will sadly lose our complete investment.

A Wide Range of Assets

The brokerage understands the needs of its clients, and offers a number of instruments. Depending on the asset we choose to employ we will have a period that can go between 60 seconds and 60 minutes (and in between, we have an array of binary options strategies such as the 5-minute, 120-seconds, etc.) The time can change and even reach one day, giving us the option to buy or sell an asset depending on our prediction of that asset’s price is going to go up or down.

Stern options


To master binary options investments it is fundamental to know how to analyze the market, study trends, and invest when we have a clear view of the market.

Although some people might believe that binary options work randomly, proper knowledge yields the best results. Traders can work with forex, stocks, indices, and commodities using several different types of trading methods, including:

60 second options

These are the most common way of trading binary options and have been used since the creation of binary options in 2006. You chose if the pirce of an asset will rise or drop during a 60 seconds span. This trading method gives very little marging for strategies and its more luck based than others.


Another famous trading that was introduced 4 years a go when the users where asking for more variety. With this method where you can earn over 700% of your investment depending on the asset you chose. But remember that earning more means you can also lose more so you have to be very confident to use this trading method

Long term

Long term options are similar to the 60 seconds options but with this trading method the time spam increases to 5 , 30 and 120 minutes. This trading method gives the chance for users to try out prediction strategies.

More advanced traders can earn additional profits by trading ladder and pairs options. Clients are also given some of the highest payouts when compared on an asset to asset basis.

Convenient Banking Options


Traders are able to fund their account quickly and easily by both credit card and wire.  Credit card deposits are often ready to be traded instantly, and the company accepts Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, Maestro, and Solo cards. Clients wishing to send money by wire can choose from several different bank accounts based in various currencies. This helps to reduce transaction fees associated with transfers.


When it comes to withdrawals, the Stern Options operations team is skilled and well-trained, meaning that processing times very fast. After processing, funds are returned to the originating bank account within 3-5 business days. Funds are secured using the latest SSL technology during both the incoming and the outgoing transfer process.

The good thing about broker regulation is that all their processes are strictly controlled, and their methods for withdrawing and withholding funds are state-of-the-art.


Besides that, another important factor to take into account when choosing a binary options broker is that it’s regulated by official agencies (as the CNMV, which is the government entity that regulates binary options brokers in Europe.) This is to avoid possible unsavoury outcomes that we have seen in the past with shady brokers.


An increasingly exciting world in growing demand

Ever since binary options trades started, investors and followers of the financial market discovered that they are one of the highest-growing financial instruments. Their wide appeal made them become a revolution.

Long time investors view them as an alternative means of providing for their financial interests. However, the remarkable thing about binary options is how they brought a simple way of investing to a new audience. 

For those who are interested in entering the financial market but are worried about the complexity of other more traditional instruments, binary options are a true oasis in the middle of the desert. They provide a way to invest small amounts of money and increase the amounts as they learn to make positive returns.

The level of trust that can be obtained by working slowly and improving bit by bit is more that enough to attract a wider audience. And this is a highly positive outcome because it’s creating a new generation of expert investors able to take over a financial sector that needs fresh blood.

Broker contact information

Here is the address and the contact information in case you want more information:

Stern Options is owned by BP1 LP, 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR, Scotland.

Phone number in United Kingdom: +44 203 769 9876 and Germany +49 322 1421 9674. Customer support email address is:

Official Website:

Final Conclusion

Stern Options is a recognised broker firm in the binary options world. It has proven that it provides the security and the professional support for all its users.With its multiple assets and the trading tools it provides this broker will be very appealing for newcomers.   Stern options Also provides the users with a simple but smart platform that helps newcomers and makes the veterans trade in a comfortable way. If you are looking for a reliable broker to start in the binary options world you wont be disappointed with stern options.


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