Where to invest in the internet

Thanks to the Internet, there is a wide array of possibilities open for profitable business that can bring a little extra money at the end of the month, or even become our main livelihood. Many people wonder where to invest in the internet  and make profits easily without too much risk.

Then, which are the best profitable business to invest in?

I already mentioned in the article linked above that binary options are a solid alternative if we have some savings and we don’t know where to invest them.

As we know, binary options allow us to trade in all kinds of assets. The array of available assets is wide, and we can choose from a market so varied that we need to have a set of criteria to help us select our best options.

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So, where to invest in the internet?

As we have already mentioned, there are several choices of profitable business on the Internet, but the difficult part is knowing where to invest in the internet and make profits by the end of the month. As this is a blog about investing and binary options, we will discuss these models in relation to finding good businesses to invest money now in 2015 and the following years.


1. Investing in Binary options

To invest in binary options, we need to know which types of assets are available to invest our money. Broker platforms curate a first selection of markets and assets.

These are the most common choices:

  • Shares (Nike, Microsoft, BBVA, Apple, Coca Cola, etc.)
  • Trade Indexes (Nasdaq, Dow Jones, IBEX, etc.)
  • Commodities (such as oil, gold, silver, corn, soybean, etc.)
  • Currency Pairs (EUR/USD, USD/GBP…etc.)

There are many different classifications of the different options available on trading platforms. Taking into account the existing classification criteria, we can choose the best binary options for our operations.

But, before discussing the classification of binary options, we need to review a few fundamental parameters we need to take into account.

A few considerations

Expiration date of the option: this is the end point of the value range of the asset valuation of the asset we are operating with. The time frames can be short or extremely short. We are talking about time frames of one day, two days, a few hours or even minutes.

This is a very important parameter, because at the end of the time frame is when we can see if we can liquidate assets or sustain losses. When we perform our studies and analyses and draft our investment strategies we need to pay special attention to expiration dates.

where to invest in the internet

It would make no sense to select an expiration date after our forecast. It is very important to understand that the investor chooses the expiration date, and that has a direct impact on the profit rate of profit.

Rate of profit or return on investment:

one of the many advantages of operating with binary options is that we know in advance our rate of profit. Knowing this allows us to estimate our risk and not take on too much of it.

It is important to learn how to setup and a good cost-benefit ratio, and it is good to know that there are binary brokers that give you the possibility of getting profits when you lose in your operation.

Knowledge about the assets we will trade: There is no sense in trading assets of which we don’t know their behavior. That would be investing completely blind.

It is important to recognize this fact and invest time in the many available information sources on the Internet, to have an updated picture of all the fluctuations of those assets.

This will allow us to forecast future behavior of each asset. This is the only way to find profitable operations.

Now that we know on which assets or stocks we will invest and the aspects we need to consider when we are operating with binary options, we need to classify them correctly so we can make the most profitable operations.

Binary Options Classification

One way of classifying options is by the moment we are able to liquidate them: on one side we the European options, which can only be exercised at their expiration date. On the other, the American style options can be exercised at any time before the expiration date.

European options (with expiration date)

American options (liquidation options)

Other Classifications

Another way of classifying options is to consider the behavior of the assets in a specific time frame. There are four possibilities:

One Touch

Doble One Touch

No Touch


As you can see, in this classification there is always an expiration date to mark the end of the operation, while value remains within the set of conditions predicted by the investor.

Note: Choosing good binary options requires to take into account the classification we discussed above, but also to take into account the broker we will be working with.

When choosing a good binary options broker, there are several criteria to evaluate. Binary options are becoming more popular on the Internet every day. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose among the growing amount of available trading platforms. Good brokers offer the opportunity to invest in the main world markets.

Here are some pointers to help guide you in your choice:

Choosing a Good Broker

High returns

Recovery rate

Good platform


Customer support

2. Corporate Debt Investment Funds

This is another good alternative to choose extra money or savings. Almost every business in the world needs debt to operate. Corporate debts pay different interest rates, depending on the risk they have.

Their dependability history, activities, sales, and profits are considered proof of their repayment capacity. The highest grade companies pay a lower interest rate, and those with lower grades pay higher interests.

where to invest in the internet

To invest in these instruments, you will need to open an account with a stock broker that can either invest on stocks directly or through an investment fund. Corporate debt investment funds groups stocks from different companies into bundles in order to diversify risk and obtain attractive interest rates.



3. The Real Estate Market

Do not think I’m crazy when I tell you that buying and selling real estate is good business after all the fallout from the financial crisis hitting the housing market. To be honest, the crisis will end sooner or later, and then underpriced property will go up again. That is the point where people who invest their money in real estate will earn from their investment.

4. Certifitates of Deposit

CDs, or fixed-term deposits are ideal if you need to invest your money into a long-term profitable investment.

If the interest rate grows in time and is close to inflation, it is more appealing as an investment. Presently, the interest rate is quite lower than that, although it is rising. One thing to consider: we save to match our goal.

I want to know where to invest 1,000/3,000/6,000 Euros so I can buy a car three months from now.” Invest in a CD.

I want to buy a house three years from now.” Well, unless you deposit a very large amount of money, I don’t think that the interests will allow you to pay for a house in the medium term.

Fixed deposits are an alternative for managing money in the short term. If you feel comfortable investing in a fixed-term deposit, then do it. But bear in mind that there are other investment options that can yield much higher returns.

5. Build a Company

Many people who have money and want to extract profit from it but don’t know how or where to invest it, ask the question“On which business can I invest my money?” The answer is “easy”: build your own company.

I say it’s easy because it’s a simple idea: you don’t need to know how to invest in stocks or binary options, and you don’t need to perform complex financial trades. Ask yourself what you know how to do well, and profit from your strengths and knowledge.

To build a company, you need to know how you can satisfy existing market demand through the products or services you will be selling.

Here’s a link to emprendedores.es, where you will find a lot of information and resources to build a company.

6. Stock Exchange

where to invest in the internet

This is one of the most typical financial instruments used to make a profit. Through a stock broker you can invest in company stocks that listed in the stock exchange. Is the value of the stocks goes up after you bought, you made money, and if it goes down you lose money.

These investments should only be considered for the long term, as market fluctuations make it very hard to profit in the short term.

If you feel interested in this option but you don’t know where to invest, I recommend that you read this article that I published a few weeks ago.

7. Gold

Uncertainty in the commodities market has spread to gold, that now is being traded at a low price (close to $1,200 per ounce, far below the $1,900 it reached in 2011, when the European debt crisis made a lot of investors to seek refuge in this highly coveted asset.

where to invest in the internet

As the global financial crisis slows down, gold is losing its lure as a safe asset.

This year, gold has yielded positive returns, but market uncertainty makes it a bit risky to invest in it. However, a few studies concluded that it can become a shelter asset for individual investors against inflation.

These were the seven ideas for making a profit from your money if you don’t know how to invest your savings.



Some Extra Investing Information


With so many business options available online we might wonder are binary options profitable? This is a legitimate and logical question, because any description of binary options and the way they work appears to be attractive for their profit potential. So, are binary options profitable? Yes, they are. As all businesses, they have a level of inherent profitability and risk.

We should pay no attention to big slogans promising 100% guaranteed returns or becoming rich in five days. There is inherent risk because it is a for-profit business. Regarding profitability in binary options, we need to be up to date and knowledgeable about the financial markets. Because that is the environment where this financial derivative operates, and where we can make money and succeed.

Binary options bring an endless array of possibilities, because they are financial instruments capable of making high profits in a short period of time. We are talking about profits that range from 65% to 95% of the initial investment. There are additional possibilities of making up to 600% profits with personalized options, depending on the broker.

These figures are real and viable. But that does not mean that those returns will be reached rapidly. We need to learn how the charts work, we need to learn how their indicators work, we have to learn about all the available assets in financial markets. In sum, we need to be patient, and learn to decide using reason instead of impulses.

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where to invest in the internet

Advantages of Investing in this Financial Product

  • As mentioned above, binary options can yield high returns, with percentages over 65%.
  • As financial markets are working around the clock, investors can trade at any moment of the day. There is no special moment of the day to operate.
  • Global connectivity makes it possible to operate using binary options using our phones, from home or anywhere in the world.
  • As there are many trading platforms, there is a wide array of amounts to invest. We can go from amounts as little as five dollars to more interesting amounts reaching a hundred thousand.
  • As the investments are made through the Internet, using online trading platforms that work on real time on all the markets, we have complete control over our operations.

Now that we know the main advantages of investing in binary options, we can offer some advice to operate with this product.

Investing Advice

Binary options offer high profit potential, but there is also the risk of losing the money we invested. For this reason, we need to have a very strict control of the amounts we invest.

We should never risk over 3% of our funds in an operation. For example: If we have $3000 in our account, our risk should be of up to $30. This first piece of advice is key to not lose our North in situations with high stress, high adrenaline, emotions, and temptations.

Knowledge is absolutely necessary. Winning through investing in binary options is a real possibility if we invest through a system, with rules and an investment strategy. It is not advisable to invest without taking anything else into account.

We need to refer to our brokers and use their training courses, their customer support services, blogs, videos, tutorials, e-books, etc. All these training methods will provide us multiple concrete and actionable advice for every operation. Brokers offer strategies and methods that they have previously verified, and will explain their caveats and benefits.

It is very important to know the option brokers we will work with. There are many regulated trading platforms that comply with all the legal requirements. We need to choose among these regulated brokers, and be very careful to identify and avoid those who aren’t legal.

Factors That Determine Profitability

Speaking about profitability, the level of profitability of binary options will depend of the legal quality of the broker. This is an essential requirement, because illegal brokers will not take you to a real market. Instead, they will introduce you to the market they choose to show you, and this is a problem you need to avoid. Trust is essential, and getting trust in the Internet is even more important. This is the reason why legal platforms that comply with all the legal requirements will go out of their way to show you. This creates trust between the platform and the investor.

Ease to Invest in Binaries

It is important to point out one of the most remarkable advantages of binary options profitability. Investing online through binay options has become a major attraction in the global financial instruments’ market. The reason for this is that they became a strong option for people who research how to invest their money in profitable financial instruments but don’t have the time to analyze the markets. This is the key to binary options: the simplicity to operate in financial markets with a high profitability potential.

Any individual who wants to invest and become an online trader just needs to open an account with any broker that has a trading platform for binary options. These are simple operations, unlike many other financial instruments. The only requirement is knowing if you will invest in an upward or downward value trend of a financial asset. This makes things quite simple.

Finally, we are discussing the about attempting to forecast the value trend of an asset. This is the biggest advantage, because we only need to watch and decide between two options, and with two possible outcomes: hit or no hit. You don’t need to know the prices of the assets.

What Are the Benefits of Online Investing

If we think about the current state of affairs, the economy is uncertain, and this causes many people to research new ways of investing their money because they wish to improve their quality of life and bring prosperity and peace to their future. The main reason is that unlike in previous generations, jobs are no longer safe. The recession we are living has created increased unemployment, bankruptcy and less money going into new businesses.

So, we need to find new place where to invest in the internet with opportunities of getting higher returns for our money. There are other interesting financial derivatives, but they usually require investing large amounts of money and wait for long periods of time, and assuming greater risks. Moreover, as most of us don’t know how the tools we use to research trading markets work and we don’t have the time to dedicate to that exclusively, we end up assuming an incredible level of risk if we operate without knowledge.

These other financial derivatives demand big investments and a lot of time, and they also demand that we fully trust our brokers. The brokers provide the means, strategies and many other tools, but they don’t decide for you. The biggest advantage of binary options is their simplicity to operate. You can decide for yourself where to invest and how much risk to take. Because you can invest very small amounts in very short periods.

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